demoMedia to rebrand

demoMedia to rebrand


We thought that given the expansion we’ve supported over the past couple of months and to celebrate our massive drive, energy and excitement, it was only fitting to combine this with a company rebrand. Priority for us was a review of our logo.

Discussions surrounding the logo questioned it’s target demographic, it’s intent and the perception from clients, both current and future. Our survey suggested that despite the obvious aesthetic qualities of our existing logo, it didn’t quite lend itself to some of the markets/industries we’re starting to absorb. We found that although it was attractive and had an obvious quality about it, it was too ‘institutional’ and ‘old-fashioned’. More suited, perhaps, to a large format traditional newspaper.

As the team became more dynamic, so did our work and the logo is no longer an accurate representation of our vigor, our energy, our raison d’etre. We needed something bolder, younger, more exciting. Something that represented our experience within the corporate universe, yet recognised the future of the company and its relationship with our more ‘experimental’ clients.

We originally set this out as a five week project. We understood the importance of not rushing this campaign, but amazingly after a week and a half Adam has been able to present a shortlist of three fantastic logos. We’ve already decided on a winner, this will be announced soon together with a complete new website.

So many parties, so little time…

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