Food for thought

Food for thought


In our pursuit to work together with Haagen Dazs, we all decided one fair Sunday to turn up at the doors to the Leicester Square restaurant and buy £300.00 worth of ice cream, distribute them to random passer-by’s and then film their reactions in technicolour glory.

The aim? To prove that online interaction and social networking is a massive influence to our lives, but should not be embraced at the expense of real life interaction with real life people – our senses of touch, smell, sight and sound should be paramount to our daily endeavours.

And what better way to celebrate interaction with fellow man than with ice cream?

We’ve been knocking on HD’s door’s for about a year now but they will not answer. Perhaps if somebody can give them a shove, we’d love to talk. Not least because their new Strawberry and Banana smoothie ice cream is simply ridiculously amazing.

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