MapMe – Give your memory a break

MapMe – Give your memory a break


Ever had that thought where you’ve wondered where on earth you were last Monday at 4pm? 

I’m not a bad driver but I do get the occasional ticket for parking in restricted areas or speeding. Unfortunately, by the time I receive the ticket in the post all memories of the day have been wiped clean. Where was I going? How fast was I going? Was it me driving the car?

The problems are not exclusive to driving, I once walked past a restaurant that looked amazing but had no time to go in. Fast forward a week, I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I was on that Monday at 4pm. If only there was some way we could record this information and review it at any time. Cue MapMe.

MapMe is an iPhone app that records your location and speed while you walk, run, bike or drive. It runs in the background so it won’t stop you from doing what you would normally, just open the app, press the record button and can carry on using the phone like you normally would. Just be sure not to use your phone while driving.

MapMe takes advantage of the hardware in your smartphone to estimate your speed. When the app records your location, it will also record your speed. This will help you remember why you got that pesky speeding ticket.

MapMe has a nifty calendar view so you can see which days you have recorded your location. For each day a map view will draw a line depicting which route you have been traveling, and a list view will show addresses you travelled through and how fast you were travelling.

I know by now you are thinking that the battery consumption must be through the roof. No, the app is surprisingly light on the battery because it adopts some smart technology. It only records your location after you have moved a certain distance, you can set this distance anywhere between 1 meter to 100 meters. This means the app will not always be doing calculations in the background, but only when it knows you have moved enough to justify more background calculations.

The app is out now for FREE in the app store. Click here to view it in iTunes.

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