Rate My Kebab – Diary day 1

Rate My Kebab – Diary day 1


I’ve had this idea boiling around, partly as a joke really, in my head for about a year now.

Occasionally in the shower, I’ll have a cataclysmic brainwave that triggers a set of neuro synapses, culminating a moment of eureka frenzied euphoria that has me scribbling away on a scrap of paper these visions from beyond.

Whether these periods of trance induced clairvoyance could be responsible for Rate my Kebab or not is a point of future discussion.

For now, there is a problem in the world. That problem is that there is not a formal process for rating and reviewing quality kebabs. This problem ends. Now.

Here’s some teaser screens of the app. We are building a native iPhone app in Objective C and a Titanium  version in JavaScript for Android to compare the development process of native versus rapid development using HTML5 and JS. Once we have both builds, it will be interesting to see which version will run the best.

Building it in JavaScript will make it very easy to port things over to multiple platforms that also support that school, from Android to Blackberry to any other platform that supports HTML5. But it doesn’t have the speed, tactility and smoothness of a native version, which suffers deployment nightmares as any significant change requires deployment through the Apple App store. 

So what’s the App about? Well, it’s primarily a tool that facilitates the reviewing and discovery of your favourite kebabs nationally. This, combined with social networking API’s, integration with key iOS devices, allows us to collate a friendly list of reviews of kebabs in a visually appealing manner.

Our goals are to make this simple, beautiful and fun. Our first round of design mocks for the app have already caused us to review some of the items. For example, we’ve found the red in the footer navigation to overpowering. It dominates the screen and needs to be more subtle. Addressing a number of other features as we speak, there’ll be an update soon.

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