demoLabs – providing the spark

demoLabs – providing the spark


Some of the greatest discoveries can often come about by chance or coincidence. Certainly, we could also state that a lot of our most creative moments have been in experimentation or research. 

demoLabs was born out of this playtime endeavour. Having experimented with a number of different projects which should be soon be seeing light of day, we recognised a need to contain, analyse and discuss a lot of the projects we’d been working on that nobody outside of our office knew about. 

Despite the hidden nature of these projects, some of them were quite exciting for us, allowing us to turn real some of our ideas for apps, websites and infographics. 

In fact, we’ve been doing this stuff way before demoLabs existed, we just didn’t know it. Now, we have an umbrella to house some of this creative output. Stuff that isn’t paid for, isn’t commissioned (or maybe is commissioned by a radically creative and experimental client), has no real purpose other than to demonstrate our longing to do things just for the sake of it. 

From TubeFacts to MapMe, Rate My Kebab to the Haagendaas commercial, some are quirky, some are useless, but every single one of these have been built with passion as none of them have been paid for. Enjoy.



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